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When you hear the term ‘rebrand’, your first question is a natural one, why? It can be a daunting decision which requires a lot of time, money and research to ensure it’s the right move for your business. But the important point to remember is rebranding is a natural part of any business. It can help resolve particular pain points and when executed effectively, can be a fantastic platform to build your brand from.

What do I include in a rebrand?

Generally, a rebrand covers every aspect of your brand’s visible identity. It includes your logo, colours, font and graphic design, but each area can have a different level of change depending on your goals. A rebrand provides plenty of opportunity for remarketing, refreshing and reshaping your business; taking it in the direction you want it to go.

I’ve been told a rebrand can look bad

You’ll always come up against critics, and although a rebrand may look like you’re hiding something to some, it suggests the opposite. Rebranding allows you to realign your mission and ensure you’re marketing your full services to the right audience. It also helps you keep on top of customer preferences, trends and innovations. Remember, people buy into a brand and what they stand for. So, creating a strong profile which resonates with your target audience will ultimately drive more traffic and revenue. We don’t see anything bad about that.

9 reasons to rebrand

There are some obvious signs that it’s time to review your brand. Here are the most common reasons Velo Creative help businesses with theirs:

1. Your information is out of date

When you’re focused on growing your business it’s easy to forget the website you first set up is still promoting your original message. Before customers commit to a purchase, they’ll research a company which often starts with looking at its website. If they land on a site which is advertising out-of-stock products, dull designs or a poor website layout, their experience will be tainted, and they won’t commit to a purchase.

2. You’re embarrassed

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Common signs of website embarrassment are a reluctance to hand out business cards, avoiding directing new clients to your website or doing the typical British thing of apologising for how it looks before they’ve even seen it. The problem is, if you deter people from your website, you’re causing damage to both your confidence and your brand. A rebrand allows you to proudly showcase the incredible work and services you offer.

3. Your company name doesn’t reflect who you are

Picking a company name when you first start is one of the hardest decisions to make. Often, we settle on something which interests us at the time or incorporates our name and industry – not very inspiring! As your business evolves, you mould your values, tone of voice, and niche. You might discover your name no longer resonates or perhaps limits your reach. Rebrands let you announce your new name with a bang; providing promotional activity to advertise who you really are.

4. You don’t stand out from the competition

To keep costs low, many entrepreneurs will opt for templated designs from sites such as Canva or Wix. Although these offer an easy solution, there are thousands of other businesses doing the same. By creating a website that looks and functions the same as everyone else, you offer nothing new. It’s important to remember there’s only one you. There’s a unique reason why you created your business and what you want to achieve from it. Let that resonate throughout your website.

5. You’ve overcomplicated things

When you have a lot of products or services to offer, it’s understandable you want to include everything on your website. This isn’t a problem when designed effectively; it’s great for SEO purposes and creates a smooth experience for your users. However, without clear navigation, smartly placed call-to-action buttons and high-res images, users will become frustrated and bounce off the page.

6. When you pinpoint your niche

Although it’s recommended to find a niche, for small businesses or one-man bands this isn’t always an option. At the start, you may be concentrating on sourcing any work rather than the right work. Over time, you’ll find a particular industry you excel in and an audience you can relate to, but your original branding may no longer fit. With a rebrand, you can re-shift your focus and start targeting your dream audience.

7. You merge with or take over a business

If your business goes through a merger and combines with another company, there are a lot of questions which need to be answered: Are you keeping both companies? Which products and services are remaining? Do your values and missions align? All of which determine whether your current branding reflects the new company. By updating your branding, you have new marketing material to announce the business change.

8. You’re following a new roadmap

Business would be boring if we just travelled from A to B. There’ll always be bumps to overcome such as price increases, new premises or the services you offer. The bonus of rebranding is you can time it to coincide with a particular milestone in your journey; helping you move in the right direction and futureproof your business plans.

9. Negative feedback

Branding is only as powerful as its audience. If they don’t resonate with it, they won’t engage with it. Once you’ve established your audience, study what they like, share and interact with. Furthermore, pay attention to the elements they don’t like. If you have an older brand, there’s a chance your original approach no longer sits right with the modern day. Depending on the cultural context, it might be time for a change.

How to approach a creative rebrand

Redesigning your look is a great opportunity to push your business. But as we said, it involves a lot of time and consideration. Our top tips before approaching a rebrand include:

• Conduct thorough research: analyse your data, the market and your competitors
• Fully understand the reasons for your rebrand
• Stay in line with your values and mission
• Consider your future expansion and ensure your rebrand can encapsulate it

To make an impact with your new style, contact Velo Creative and start your business rebrand today.

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