Website out of date?

Velo Blog Website out of date?
Is your website giving you what you want and need?

Your website designed well is like your best employee, they love your brand and they enjoy telling people about it.

Whatever it is you do, what you are passionate about it is always helpful to have a place to point potential customers.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is your website a reflection of the service you give?
Could it do with a lick of paint?
Do you think a visitor to your website is likely to call you?
Would you tile your own roof or would you get a professional to do the job?
Could you do with an employee that is promoting you 24/7?


“A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson”

– Jakob Nielson.



Your website address can reach thousands of people. If you post it on social media or include it in your email signature, so many people have access.



An online shop can be added to almost every site, allowing you to sell directly to customers without even meeting them. Adding a contact form or a “Subscribe Now” button can prompt them to get in touch. Let’s make it easy for them to find out more!


Have you ever been in a situation where someone asks for your website address and you are embarrassed to give it? If your website isn’t up to scratch, they are less likely to work with you as the website doesn’t back up your sales pitch.


If your website hasn’t changed in 10 years, Google won’t show it to anyone because it thinks you are out of date.


Leave it to us at Velo. Imagine never having to think about your site, knowing it will always be functioning and fully impactful.

Designing and developing websites is what we love to do, helping businesses to have a sharp online presence. If you want a new website or your current one needs a spring clean please get in touch. We have packages to suit every business.


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