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Catch your customer's eye

Before you start reading, think about the features you first spotted on this website: the colours, the images, how easy it is to navigate.

Something must have caught your attention because you’re still here (thanks!). We’re guessing you want the same engagement for your website too.

These days, you have seconds to grab your audience’s attention, and landing on a poorly designed website can make or break your business.

Once customers have found your website, they need to know they’re in the right place, understand exactly what you’re offering and are intrigued to interact with your content. Basically, you want them to stay!

5 reasons to use a professional website designer

With nearly two billion websites out there, how do you find a unique way to stand out? Luckily, there’s only one of you; offering a distinctive service, product and expertise that no one else can. Whether you’re updating your current website or creating a brand new one, here’s how a professional website design supports your business.

1. Creates an epic first impression

Your website is a reflection of you and your business. It instantly creates a perception of your brand and therefore needs to deliver a positive, memorable impact. There’s a lot of science behind the structure of your website; considering your brand, navigation, images and reusable graphics. To clearly shout out who you are and what you do; successfully converting those visits into sales.

2. Builds your data analytics

An effective website can positively influence your analytics. Think about it, if you create a great first impression then your visitor will explore your website, share a link with a friend and convert their browsing into a sale. In addition to this, an effective website design will:

  • Reduce webpage bounce rate
  • Increase time spent on a page
  • Lead to more conversions
  • Builds customer engagement
  • Customers feel confident recommending you

3. Optimises your SEO and Google rankings

SEO is the blueprint for a company’s digital success. It helps search engines understand your website, who you are, what you do and builds your credibility within your industry. Clever web design can constructively build on-page SEO through images, headers, sub-headers, quotes, videos, FAQs, reviews, and testimonials, which guide customers looking for your service directly to you.

4. Reflects how you work

Your website is your 24/7 salesperson; it’s a type of customer service which provides support and information at any time. Investing in your website shows your audience that you’re putting in the effort to enhance their customer experience. This can include blogs, videos, newsletters, clear navigation and well-placed call to action, to essentially build trust and confidence in your brand.

5. Future-proofs your business

There will always be more and more competition, we can’t deny that. However, a strong website provides your brand with a baseline to build upon if you need to update information or introduce new products or services. A well-designed website also offers consistency for your brand; allowing you to mirror your style and tone of voice across advertising, social media, emails etc. Helping with marketing campaigns and general growth of your business to keep you top of mind with your customers, and ahead of your competitors.

It all starts with a great website

An expertly designed website is an essential asset for your business. If you’re looking to revamp your existing site or give your new company the kick-start it needs, then speak to our talented team at Velo Creative.

Let’s create something great.

Find out how we can help you break through and shake things up a bit.

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