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Things are crazy, but is now the time for you to act?

The working day is a bit different at the moment, not knowing if you are coming or going because of the Coronavirus.


Time to take a breath?
Many people have more hours available in the day so we are offering you a FREE brand review. While you have time to look at your brand appearance it is a good moment to step back and think.


What we will do for you
Each person/business taking up the offer will get the following:
1-hour review of your current branding, website & social media presence
Velo can focus on a particular area if you wish
A PDF document containing feedback – always happy to do a phone call, Skype/Zoom follow up


Stronger Together
During these mad times, we feel it is really important for everyone to pull together to ride the storm. Looking left and right we can see local businesses struggling. Forced closures and lack of supplies have been a problem, we want to use our skills and experience to help.


“Alone we can do little; together, we can do so much ”

– Helen Keller


Fresh perspective
Often a fresh pair of eyes can pick up things that could normally be missed. As a result of spotting these, businesses can make small tweaks that will help, because you have time.f you are interested in a FREE brand review, please click below.

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Here are a few of our recent projects. Helping our clients to spread their message and reach new customers:

Please take a look at the #StrongerTogether posts on LinkedIn to see how Northamptonshire businesses are helping. A community spirit is what we need to come out the other side of this madness with stronger businesses and a solid community will help us.

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