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Your logo is unique to you, it represents who you are and what you do

Logos should indicate something important about your business. Your customers should get a feel about your business’ personality from its logo, its attitude, its style, professionalism or fun, how you want it to come across. A well considered and designed logo will convey these attributes to your target market.

The fonts that are selected are not only used to spell out the company name and type of business but to help show the company’s personality. A sleek, sharp serif font can give the feeling of a more traditional brand, something with heritage or a that a premium service or product is being offered.

Chances are you will be using your shiny new logo in many places in print and online so it needs to be adaptable. Portrait, landscape, single colour, black only and on clothing. From the very first stages of concept design all of these things will need to be thought about. Your logo will need to feel as recognisable and strong when used in only one colour as it is when it is in full colour. Also it needs to be scalable, on a business card or on the side of a bus, it needs to be as impactful.

Logos need to give an indication of what you do

Above are some recent examples of logos that we have produced, all constructed differently, hinting at the company’s personality.

Colour to catch the eye

Colours are another thing that we consider deeply when designing a new logo or brand. Certain colour palettes can be used to evoke positive feelings such as the use of yellow or a warm orange to remind the user of time they have spent on a summer holiday. Green is used to symbolise growth, health and nature. So if your business is very environmentally responsible shades of green could be used to let customers know that you care about the earth.

Understanding how colours and gradients affect the viewer’s perception of shapes, icons and fonts is a very helpful way of making your business feel friendly, professional or fun, however you want to be perceived.

Finally, but I feel that it is so important. Your logo must be memorable, so simple, well considered design is very important. From the first moment a person sees your logo it must make a very strong impression, being something that they feel familiar with the next time they see it and will stick in their mind as time passes.

A recent logo project can be seen here.

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