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On lockdown, in isolation? Now is the time to boost your marketing.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) life is very different at the moment. When you aren’t home-schooling you are on a video call, but there is still time to think about getting yourself seen and heard. Ask yourself a few questions about what you want, finding out how to do it will help you succeed. Lockdown marketing is key.


Review Look at what you have now, do you like how you will be perceived?
VisibilityKeep yourself in the minds of your clients.
ContentDo you have positive news to share? Professional imagery and messaging will help catch the eye.
CommunitySupport your clients, what can you offer them?


Ignoring marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone about it.

– Chris French



Take a breath, make a brew and sit and have a think about how your business looks to others. Does it look as sharp as you would like and is everything consistent? There may also be ideas that you have had but not had the time or resource to put turn them into reality, now is the time. Also, you should be asking yourself, do you need to adapt to market your business in this changing landscape?



You may not have utilised the digital world in the past but now is the perfect time to use it to your advantage. Online marketing is more popular than ever, with most people glued to their screens. Your website and social platforms are so important in these uncertain times. If you get those right you can still keep your clients up to date. Showing that you are still offering products or services that they may need.

– Website viewing
Your website acts as your shop front or your sales pitch whilst you can’t be face-to-face with them.
– Social media reach
Your social media posts, executed well, can reach thousands of potential customers that you may not normally be able to speak to.



Your content should create brand, service or product awareness in a way that engages your customers without them feeling they are being sold to. Offering value, how you can help them should always be in the front of your mind.

– Sharing
Help your customers by offering insights and guidance so they can benefit from your experience. A small gesture of goodwill that could be extremely beneficial to them.
– Raise a smile
Showing your personality is a good way to break up other content that is more focussed on your products or services. Remember, people buy from people so don’t be afraid to show potential customers who you are.
– Internal communication
This is so important at the moment, making employees feel at ease and motivate them to help your business through this tough period. Letting them know the planned direction for your business and how you can be stronger as a team.
– Planning
A lockdown marketing content plan is a great way to ensure you are getting every message out that you think is important. You can ensure that you are remaining visible and engaging with clients.



Although now might not be the time for sales, ask yourself what you can do for your customers. How you act now might shape their opinion of you going forward. Check out the #strongertogether feed on LinkedIn to see how Northants businesses are helping each other.

– Pulling together with clients
What do they need? It could be easy for you to assist them with and benefit your relationship for the future. Let’s keep as many companies up and running as possible.
– Positivity
Not every day will go to plan and a lot of things are out of our hands at the moment. That said, if we start each day with a positive outlook together we will achieve great things.


Lockdown Marketing is our reality at the moment, but now is a great time to re-brand, get a social media plan together or give your website a lick of paint. We have embraced Zoom & Skype calling so feel free to request a meeting with us as we are always happy to talk!

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