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How important is your design layout? Very.

Which order did you read the above text in the image? Our brains are wired to instruct our eyes where to go. Something bolder and with a bigger contrast will always catch your attention.

We have all seen it, an advert or website that hasn’t had the layout given the importance it deserves. It may be hard to understand or feel really cluttered, one thing is for sure, your opinion of the company won’t be great.

Well thought out layouts are something we care about, maybe a little too much! Good design layout gives you the following:


Unity It brings together all important elements, imagery, text and colour
OrderYou can guide the viewer through the information you want them to see, highlighting the most important
CommunicationMaking the design easy to read and understand
Confidence Appealing design will always make customers think highly of you. Bad design can create a really negative picture of your brand.


Thinking about your design’s layout is hard, not thinking about it can be disastrous.

– Kris Hawkins, Velo Creative.



Bounce rate – this relates to visitors of your website. If someone visits your site and leaves quickly you will get a bad score. It is really important to make your customers’ experience on your website a good one. Engaging and visually attractive layouts are the key to make sure that someone browses your site to see what you offer.



You have to grab the attention quickly. Not by shouting, but by making your advert a nice thing to look at. If there is adequate white space and is pleasing on the eye, the viewer will want to read on.

– Online
When scrolling is a way of life, it is important that you stop people in their tracks. Guiding them through the information in a methodical way will mean they are more likely to remember you.

– Printed
How do you stop someone flicking past your advert? If you nail your layout, your information will do the rest.


So, your main focus is an image, product or the heading message, layout is your sidekick. If you have a message you want to amplify please get in touch with us to start the conversation.

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