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The guide below shows all of the things that us designer folk are looking for at the start of a project, ensuring we deliver your perfect solution.

Talk about it – Speak to your designer about all of the following…

02. Company profile – Who you are, what you do best and how do you want to be seen?

03. The goal – What do you want to achieve from the project?

04. Target market – Age, sex, what they like, occupation and location.

05. Design examples – Things you love and things you don’t.

06. Competitors – What they do well and how do you want to stand out from them?

07. Your brand – Do you have any previous projects that must be linked to for consistency?

08. Details – Sizes, colours, pages, quantity and deliverables.

09. Timescales – When do you need your project to be complete?

10. Your budget – How much have you set aside to complete your objectives?

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