The Power of Good Branding

Velo Blog The Power of Good Branding
Branding is an extension of your logo and brand name, it supports and moves your company image forward.

When branding is done correctly it increases your company’s appeal, provides your employees with direction and makes increasing your customer base easier.

Branding improves recognition

Brand recognition is when a potential customer can identify your company, products, or services from your logo, strapline, an online element or printed item. This is an extremely helpful thing to have for your brand. If consumers recognise your brand they will feel more comfortable in purchasing a product or service from you.

Branding creates trust

With any purchase the customer needs to feel comfortable. If they see a consistently professional look and feel across all of your branding they will feel they are getting a service from a reputable company.


Consistency is really important in helping you to establish trust in your products and services.


How Velo can elevate your branding

When creating a new or updating an existing brand we consider all of above.

This combined with our passion for and experience of creating highly effective branding, we can help drive your business forward. From logo conception through to final delivery of your website, we are here to build something great for you.

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